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Here is good news for those guys who were waiting for dream league soccer mod apk 2019 for a long time. Now, the wait is over. Finally, dream league soccer 2019 mod APK v6.4 has released. Which has unlimited money that you can use to buy almost anything inside the game. This dream league apk has beautiful graphics and amazing sound effects. When you play this game you will feel like you are playing inside the game due to its realistic graphics. And all the players have the same celebration actions like the real world player e.g. Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Nymar Jr. etc.

Dream league soccer 2019 also known as DLS 2019 is a football video game that developed and published by First Touch. Dream league soccer Mod is developed for IOS and Android and it is announced on 2nd December 2011 and released on 8th December 2011 on the App Store. And After that, it is published on the play store for Androids on 29th November 2013. Dream league soccer mod apk game is a most popular game and having a 100,000,000+ installation on play store. First Touch Games Ltd. have released many updates. Latest update released on December 21, 2018, which make it more user-friendly.

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Dream league soccer is a first generation and most famous game in the world on both platforms. But with the passage of time, its name changes with the extension of years like 2016 etc and latest dream league soccer mod apk is dream league soccer 2019 in the market. And I hope dream league soccer 2020 will come soon in the market.

        Some people believe in flying report (rumor) about DLS 2019 but forget about all of these dream league soccer still the most popular game in which you can create and manage your own team. It’s management and paid game. Dream league apk has still worth. One important thing is that DLS  2019 is also known as Dream league soccer which is the alternative abbreviation. You can make your specific team in dream league soccer unlimited coins apk.

Dream League Soccer mod Apk 2019 Download:    

Do you want to know about how to download dream league soccer mod APK? Its very simple to download it you can download DLS 2019 by just clicking one button. You can easily install it after downloading. If you are confusing to download and installation dream league soccer you can follow below steps that is described below and you can also see below video in which we describe details of downloading and installation of DLS 2019.Hope so you will enjoy to play it.

Steps to download and install:

Download from link=>enable ”unknown sources” => Go to Security Setting => Device Administration =>Install Apps => Turn on the option => Go to the folder (where placed dream league soccer mod apk)=> click on apk file and install it=>Go to the home screen=>start playing


How you can manage teams in dream league Mod APK:

Dream league 2019 APK is a management game in which you can manage your team or create your team with specific famous captain just like you can create team Manchester United with captain Cristiano Ronaldo, In fact, you can make your team accordingly to you with favorite players of soccer. You can also change your name icons and logo and kits about teams in Dream league soccer mod apk 2019. You can beat your opposite team which you don’t like in real or in other words you can say that you can take revenge from opposite side team.

                 There are 6 levels in dream league football like academy division, division 1, division 2, division 3, junior elite, division, and elite division. You can also play online with other players. You can also see 3D results and also can select ground accordingly to you. Dream league soccer apk has a currency system from which you can buy players and there is no need for connectivity except dream league soccer online. You can also buy items in dream league apk.

How you can control Dream league soccer 2019:

It is very easy to use and challenging game. If you are worried about how you can control dream league soccer then don’t worry because there are detail instructions given at the start of the game which is easy to learn. According to me First Touch invests too much on the control system which makes It easier to control so don’t worry about it just download and play it after reading or follow the instructions.

Effective Sound and Graphics:

Dream league soccer mod APK is a game which has an effective sound just like a real game. It has a clear voice during a match and background commentary. And you do a goal the player celebrates just like a real game. And when you win the match or game celebration on the peak just like in the real-life game. Its graphics is too much good because it has especially scenes and animations and official logos and players name Which makes it better than others.

Updates of DLS 2019

There are many updates of dream league soccer game from 2016 to 2019 in which First Touch Games Ltd. did many changes in it.

First update of DLS:

There are many updates of dream league soccer game from 2016 to 2019 in which First Touch Games Ltd. did many changes in it.

Second update of DLS 2019:

The second update of DLS came in 2017 and released on 26th February 2017 for both Android and IOS. According to Wikipedia, Cover athlete of Diego Costa and Aaron Ramsey were added in this version. In this version, people can select their favorites players and athletes for gaming. It was also a great and enjoyable version but it was also needed more changing that’s why the next update was released.   

Third Update of DLS:

 The third update of DLS came in 2018 and released on 17th November 2018 for both Android and IOS. Cover athlete of Gareth Bale and Andrés Iniesta were added in this version. In this version, people can select their favorites players and athletes for gaming. It was also a great and enjoyable version but it was also needed more changing that’s why the next update was released.  

Latest Update of DLS 2019:

The latest update of DLS 2019 came in December of 2018 and released in 22nd December 2018 for both Android and IOS. In this version, new athlete’s cover Gareth Bale introduced in dream league soccer. You can select your favorite’s player or athletes in it. You will more enjoy in this version because it contains very modern and unique athletes. There is no duplication in players and you can select favorite teams in it.


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How to play DLS 2019

Build the best squad on the planet and lead them all the way to win the Champions League or the FIFA World Cup! The ultimate football players rivals are the ultimate mobile football simulation, featuring simple controls, smooth animation, and insane action. Pass and dribble around opponents, aim, shoot … GOOOOAAAALLLL! The game-game allows you to control the action. Separate defenses with accurate through balls, or bend shots into the top corner, putting you in control for an unmatched mobile football experience. So, keep enjoying to play Dream league soccer mod Apk 2019. You can also play dream league soccer online.For more information, you can see below video to know how to play this game.

Features of Dream League Soccer mod APK:

There are many features of Dream league soccer mod apk 2019 which are described below:

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You can select your team whole in the world and compete with the countries in the whole world. You can rank your team to up by making unlimited money and runs by complete other teams of world.


In this game you feel synchronization with play cloud between devices.

Realistic New game:

It is game which has realistic views and players and has a perfect and unique view and athletes. Dream League Soccer is a perfect game which captures the true essence of new game. You can customize your own team and players by going in the setting.

Requirements of Dream League Soccer Mod APK 2019:

Requirements of DLS 2019 which is necessary to install and download it which are below:

  • Your device has minimum 1GB RAM for DLS 2019 game.
  • It has minimum 500MB Internal storage space for this game.
  • Your android requires 4.1 and above for this.

These requirements are required for your device for install and download this easily if you are not able to download you can contact us easily.


How to add official logos and kits to Dream League Soccer Mod 2019:

  • Firstly you should search your favorite’s team kit on the search engine just like Google. If you will search on google you will find easily and quickly your favorite team’s kits. Below are some examples of some dream league soccer kits.


Dream league soccer mod apk 2019
Dream league soccer mod apk 2019
Dream league soccer mod apk 2019
Dream league soccer mod apk 2019


  • Then open the game and go to MY CLUB and then at customize Team option mentioned earlier. The path will be become like below:

              Dream league soccer >> My club >> Customize team option


Dream league soccer mod apk 2019 explaination


  • Choose edit logo then press the download button into bottom left corner. Then you will find new page where it will ask from url of images. Here you will give url of the image from google tabs then hit the confirm button.


Dream league soccer mod apk 2019 explaination


  • For kits you will same process by clicking edit kits then choose your Favorite kits then press confirm.


Your kit’s images will be in PNG format and maximum 512*512 pixels.    


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Tips and tricks for DLS 2019:

There are some tips and tricks for Dream league soccer 2019. If you will follow these you can compete easily other countries teams and can earn dream league soccer mod Apk unlimited money.


FAQ For Dream League Soccer mod apk  2019:

Q: Can you play Dream league soccer apk offline?

A: Yes, you can play dream league soccer apk  2019 offline (without network).There are some features to connects with your friends.

Q: can you get Dream league soccer unlimited money?

A: Yes you can get too much coins form playing it which you can use buy too many things just like players etc.

Q: When did Dream League soccer apk 2019 come in market?

A: Dream League Soccer Mod is developed for IOS and Android and it is announced on 2nd December 2011 and released on 8th December 2011 on the App store

 Q: Dream League Soccer 2019 has Mod and How you can download it?

A: Yes Dream league soccer  apk has mod and you can also download from the given link. From which you can earn money or coins by playing it.